APIS strives for excellence in teaching:

  • To ensure measurable, standard-based student performances and achievements by implementing a cutting-edge curriculum and research-based instructional strategies.
  • To assemble a superb group of educators, who are not only excellent teachers but also accomplished individuals serving as role models.
  • To provide a Christ-centered, loving, and caring community that promotes students’ creativity and passion for learning.
Searching APIS Faculty
  • Meg Hayne
    High School Principal / Deputy Head of Academics
    M.Ed. American College of Education / B.S. University of Northern Colorado
    Ms. Hayne graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a Bachelor of Science in Biology along with a Certification in Secondary Education. During her teaching career, Ms. Hayne has been the recipient of SMART Classroom and Flipped Classroom grants, and was chosen as a Siemens/Discovery Channel STEM Institute Fellow. Along with teaching, Ms. Hayne has had the opportunity to write both school and state curriculum and develop school-wide programs. Ms. Hayne completed her master’s degree in education with a concentration in Integrated Curriculum and Instructional Leadership. She is excited to continue building innovative Middle School and High School experiences and a well rounded K-12 curriculum at APIS. Outside the classroom, Ms. Hayne enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, dance classes, and running races.

  • Scott Ewen
    Math and Computer Science
    B.A.S. / B.S. University of Minnesota Duluth
    Mr. Ewen has degrees in both Electrical and Computer Engineering as well as Education and has a passion for teaching Mathematics and Computer Science. Before pursuing education he was a full-time electrical engineer and enjoyed volunteering for youth organizations. Now, as an experienced teacher and coach, he encourages students to make real-world connections with mathematics. In his classes, he incorporates his engineering experiences in order to provide his students’ more practical applications for the skills they are learning.
  • Aaron Fazzio
    High School Social Studies
    M.A. Grand Canyon University / B.A. Texas State University
    Mr. Fazzio has a passion for all history disciplines, but earned his Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and then pursued a Master of Arts in History with a focus on the American West. As a native of Texas, he loves the history of the Wild West and brings that passion into his classroom. Mr. Fazzio has taught a variety of social studies courses and engages students at any level to help them develop a love of his subjects. He believes that everything has a history and the study of history is an integral piece to not only a strong education but also a well-rounded individual.
  • Dr. Tracy Fleming
    D.Ed. Capella University / M.Ed. & B.Ed. University of Texas
    Dr. Tracy Nelson-Fleming received her Bachelor and Master of Education from The University of Texas in Austin and earned her Doctor of Education from Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After spending 15 years in the United States working in education as a teacher, instructional coach, program facilitator, and trainer, she moved to Asia with her family to teach internationally. During her four years of living in Asia, she has been privileged to work with students in Beijing and Hong Kong and is looking forward to working with the youngest learners at APIS.

    Dr. Nelson-Fleming believes in cultivating a learner-centered environment where inquiry, constructivism, and student agency foster critical and creative thinkers, collaborators, and communicators who are prepared to create a better and more peaceful world. She is married to Christopher Fleming, a Middle School Humanities teacher at APIS. Together, they have two children, Jack, in 10th Grade, and 21-year-old university student, Zoe. They love traveling together while learning about different cultures and appreciating our amazing world. Dr. Fleming’s hobbies include hiking, meditation, and wellness.

  • Christopher Fleming
    Middle School Humanities
    B.S. Texas State University
    Mr. Fleming received his Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies from Texas State University, San Marcos. Upon graduation, Mr. Fleming began his teaching career at Barton Middle School, a Title I school outside Austin, Texas, where he discovered his passion for being in the classroom. After five years of teaching in Texas, Mr. Fleming and his wife, who is also a teacher, decided to expand their horizons and move their family abroad. They and their two children, Jack and Zoe, first landed in Beijing, China, and began teaching at Tsinghua International School. After Beijing, Mr. Fleming and his family moved to Hong Kong, where he spent three years teaching at an international school. This last summer, they decided to settle down in Seoul and join the APIS family finally. When he’s not teaching, Mr. Fleming enjoys exploring new parts of the city and learning about Korean culture.

  • Miao Gao
    B.A. Harbin Normal University
    Ms. Gao earned her bachelor’s degree in English education from Harbin Normal University. Ms. Gao has five years of education experience in both Harbin and Suzhou, China, before coming to Seoul. She moved to South Korea in 2014, working on Chinese culture courses, and in 2016, she taught Chinese language education. During those times, she has visited over 100 kindergartens for Chinese culture education and carried out Chinese language education and cultural festivals in elementary schools, middle schools, and high schools. Apart from teaching, Ms. Gao enjoys spending time with her husband and her children.
  • Grace Gao
    Department Chair / Chinese
    M.A. Seoul National University / B.A. Capital Normal University
    Mrs. Gao earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Capital Normal University in Beijing, China, and a master’s degree in international studies from Seoul National University in Korea. Before coming to Korea, Mrs. Gao taught at the Beijing Huiwen Secondary School in China for 13 years. At the Beijing Huiwen Secondary School, Mrs. Gao taught English as a Second Language (ESL) to Chinese students and taught Chinese to foreign students. She also served as a director of the international division and assistant principal of Beijing Huiwen Language and Culture School. In 2001, Mrs. Gao spent a year in the United States as an exchange teacher, teaching Chinese to public school students of all levels in Tucson, Arizona. Mrs. Gao moved to Korea in 2004 and joined APIS in 2010. With twenty years of teaching and administrative experience, Mrs.Gao is very excited to help APIS students to learn the Chinese language and culture. Mrs. Gao is an excellent ping pong player, having been a three-time school district champion in China. She also enjoys Chinese calligraphy and received a number of national and local recognitions since she was a child.
  • Jason Grout
    Design and Technology / Digital Art / STEM
    B.A. University of Kentucky
    Mr. Grout graduated from the University of Kentucky with a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture, focusing on design education and environmental sustainability. Prior to studying education, he has worked with architecture firms such as SHoP Architects in New York City and GFC Architecture in Paris, France. He has co-written curriculum for the National Student Leadership Conference. His curriculum focuses on making design and fabrication techniques accessible and easy to understand by all.
  • Lisa Han
    M.A. Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / B.A. Yonsei University
    Ms. Han was raised in Hiroshima. She earned her Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Yonsei University, and Master of Arts in Japanese Language and Literature from Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS). She was a lecturer with the Graduate School of Area Studies at HUFS, Kyung Hee University, and Kookmin University for six years. She also served as a High School Japanese Teacher at the local international school for nine years. She pursued The American Association of Teachers of Japanese (AATJ) courses for 21st-century education. Ms. Han is interested in comparative expressions between languages. She believes that foreign language education not only improves communication skills but also benefits a deeper comprehension of one’s mother language and culture.

  • William Harris
    Grade 2
    B.S. / M.S. Eastern Michigan University
    Mr. Harris graduated from Eastern Michigan University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Science in Communication and furthered his education by graduating with a Master of Science in Education in Literacy, Culture, and Language Education. Mr. Harris has spent 13 years teaching elementary students. He is a certified elementary and English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) teacher. His interests are incorporating art and STEM-based learning across the curriculum. Mr. Harris believes that art can be connected in every subject students are learning and every student has the ability to be creative.