APIS strives for excellence in teaching:

  • To ensure measurable, standard-based student performances and achievements by implementing a cutting-edge curriculum and research-based instructional strategies.
  • To assemble a superb group of educators, who are not only excellent teachers but also accomplished individuals serving as role models.
  • To provide a Christ-centered, loving, and caring community that promotes students’ creativity and passion for learning.
Searching APIS Faculty
  • Yoonhee Jahng
    Grade 3
    B.A. Simon Fraser University / B.Ed. University of Calgary
    Like many other members of the APIS community, Ms. Yoonhee calls many places home! She was born in Egypt and lived in Seoul briefly before immigrating to Canada with her family during the 1988 Olympics. Ms. Yoonhee worked in the education department of museums and art galleries in Canada for over 10 years. She obtained her first bachelor’s degree in Communications from Simon Fraser University before becoming a classroom teacher.

    As a teacher, Ms. Yoonhee is excited about inquiry and experience-based learning, with personalized instructional approaches. She has a post-baccalaureate degree in Education from the University of Calgary, a diploma in Lower Elementary Montessori Education, and a Google Educator Level 1 certificate. Ms. Yoonhee has taught from ages three to 14 in her 12 years of work as a school teacher, with recent posts in Japan, Colombia, and the Calgary Board of Education. She is a lifelong learner and likes to practice languages such as Spanish, Korean, and, most recently, Japanese. During her free time, Ms. Yoonhee enjoys hiking, chocolates, and traveling.

  • Dr. Lee Jones
    Technology Integration Specialist / High School Science / STEM
    Ph.D. Texas Tech University / M.S. / B.S. Oregon State University
    Dr. Jones recently received his doctorate in STEM Curriculum and Instruction from Texas Tech University. Prior to receiving his doctorate, he graduated from Oregon State University with a B.S. and M.S. in science education in 2008, with a focus on chemistry. After graduating, he got a job teaching chemistry and physics in the rural town of Dallas, Oregon. Seeing the lack of technology courses in his district, Dr. Jones taught himself some basic coding and electronics and began coaching a competitive robotics team. From there, he was able to create some robotics and computer science courses during his nine year career in Dallas. A hobby programmer and electronics hacker, Dr. Jones enjoys finding ways to make his courses useful and applicable to real life. At APIS, Dr. Jones will be teaching a variety of courses, including microcontrollers, robotics, AP computer science principles, AP physics 1, and drone building. He will also coach a VEX Robotics Competition (VRC) team where students from APIS will have the chance to design and build a robot to compete against teams from Korea, Asia, and (hopefully) the world! In his spare time, Dr. Jones enjoys playing with his two children and exploring and trying new foods with his wife. He also enjoys poorly playing the banjo and ukulele.
  • Niek Kievit
    STEM Specialist
    B.S. Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences
    Mr. Kievit graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Tropical Agriculture in the Netherlands and was working in the field of organic certification. After realizing that his passion was in teaching he went back to what he had done before his degree. Mr. Kievit worked internationally for two years in a kindergarten in Hungary with bilingual children from ages three to six and was working with grades one to six children in an afterschool program. After that, he was involved in teaching kids with special needs. During the last three years, Mr. Kievit expanded his knowledge and skill on the use of technology in education and is focusing on integrating STEM in elementary school.

    He is excited to integrate his knowledge of agriculture and technology into science projects for elementary school and is eager to learn and grow to become a better teacher. Outside the classroom, his passion is in photography, film making, and woodworking.
  • Michelle Kim
    High School Science
    M.A. University of Nottingham / B.A. University of Pennsylvania
    Ms. Kim received her bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s degree in Education from the University of Nottingham. Before joining APIS, she has mostly taught secondary science and mathematics. At APIS, Ms. Kim currently teaches honors chemistry, AP chemistry, and honors physics at the high school level. She has a great deal of passion for helping her diverse group of students to learn and become lifelong learners actively. Outside of teaching, Ms. Kim enjoys playing the flute, traveling, and spending quality time with her husband and two young children.
  • Jimin Kim
    Special Education Specialist / Counselor
    B.A. Ewha Woman’s University
    Ms.Jimin graduated from Ewha Woman’s University with a bachelor’s degree in secondary education with a minor in English education. Before entering college, she spent four years in an international school in Hong Kong. Her experience overseas sparked her interest in teaching and she dreamt of becoming a teacher who travels the world with an international perspective. During her college years, she attended various volunteering services and teaching practicums to prepare herself as a professional educator. As soon as she graduated, Ms. Jimin started working as a special education teacher in a private school in Korea. She was able to practice not only teaching students with disabilities but also collaborating with the teachers and students to foster an inclusive school atmosphere. Ms. Jimin is excited to be involved in the APIS community as a special education specialist and counselor. She always emphasizes the importance of empathy, inclusion, and personal growth. Outside of school, she likes to meet her friends, listen to diverse genres of music, and watch Netflix.
  • Eun Joo (Emily) Kim
    Department Chair / Korean
    M.A. Hanyang University / B.A. Sookmyung Women’s University
    Mrs. Kim has been teaching the Korean language and literature and Korean language as an additional language at APIS since 2007. She also has been teaching “survival Korean” to the APIS faculty since she joined APIS. As an experienced teacher of more than 15 years, she has taught Korean as a foreign language to students in Melbourne, Australia, as well as Korean language arts to students in Korean domestic high schools. Mrs. Kim earned her bachelor’s degree and completed the teacher credentialing program in Korean language and literature from Sookmyung Women’s University. She then went on to earn a master’s degree in Korean language education from Hanyang University. Her master’s thesis examined the lexicon competence of bilingual speakers, utilizing evidence from bilingual language learners in foreign schools. Mrs. Kim was awarded the top honor for academic excellence from Seoul National University’s certificate program for teachers of Korean as a second language. Mrs. Kim likes to spend her spare time reading and taking pictures. She believes every student makes the world a better place just by being in it.

  • Jason Kirsch
    Elementary School Coordinator / Grade 4
    M.S.Ed Corban University / B.S. Texas State University
    Mr. Kirsch’s love of the outdoors and education started at a young age. Being raised in Texas and an active member of the Boy Scouts of America provided numerous opportunities to experience the beauty and majesty of nature. He graduated from Texas State University and soon afterward began teaching in Korea. He is certified as an elementary school teacher as well as a middle school science teacher. While most of his experience has been with elementary school, he is interested in all forms of science and technology. He is in the process of completing a master’s program emphasizing instruction and curriculum through Corban University. Serving in the local church is also important to Mr. Kirsch. He enjoys working with youth and encouraging them to build a strong foundation of faith while they are young. He is also passionate about motivating students to learn and grow academically. He wants to know: What drives us? What is the best form of instruction for each learner? How can we push the envelope of learning to a new level?
  • Nam Hee Kong
    M.Ed. Korea University / B.A. Hongik University
    Ms. Kong graduated from Hongik University with a Bachelor of Arts in Korean Language Education. She later earned her education master’s in Korean language education as a foreign language from Korea University. Before joining APIS, she taught Korean as a foreign language to college students at various universities. She firmly believes that language learning goes beyond simple mastery of communication skills. It encompasses learning about the culture, society, and traditions in which the language is ingrained. Hence, whether teaching Korean as a foreign language or first language, Ms. Kong aims each day in her class to promote a deeper understanding of Korea and its place in the world. Apart from teaching Korean, Ms. Kong is also passionate about dancing. Started during her college days, Ms. Kong’s favorite dance genre is street jazz.
  • Suk Ja Kwon
    M.A. Kyemyung University / B.A. Young Nam University
    Mrs. Kwon has 47 years of teaching experience at the elementary level and three years at middle school. For her accomplishments as an educator, Mrs. Kwon was twice awarded the highest recognition given by Korea’s Ministry of Education (교육부장관상). She was also awarded the Order of Civil Merit, Mogryeon Medal (국민훈장 목련장) from the Korean government for her contribution to education in Korea. Apart from teaching, she is also an accomplished poet and composer of children’s songs. Her poems have been published in numerous literary journals. Mrs. Kwon feels most rewarded, however, when she is teaching Korean children’s songs to her students. Under her direction, many of her students won major singing competitions in Korea. Some of the children’s songs written by Mrs. Kwon can also be found in the Korean middle school music textbooks.
  • Sohee Kwon
    Grade 1
    B.A. Indiana University
    Upon high school graduation, Ms. Kwon became a Hoosier at Indiana University where she studied Elementary Education with specializations in Reading and English as a New Language. Throughout these college years, Ms. Kwon has been active in student government and helped begin the Culture of Care movement on campus. Ironically, Ms. Kwon began teaching second and third grades at the same elementary school she attended when she was a kid! Fostering her love of adventure and teaching, Ms. Kwon has taught in Italy the past two summers in elementary and middle schools.